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A special snow-experience.

Snow-biking on fat tires has become very popular in Norway.
Sale of fatbikes in Europe is booming.
If you haven't tried it yet you'll get a chance in Geilo :-)

The wide tires of a fatbike offer enough floatation, allowing you to ride on snow. 
Fatbikes handle much like traditional mountain bikes, but riding on snow is much more fun and adventure. 
We have a fleet of modern fatbikes waiting for you.
A must try! 

From gentle rides to hitting narrow snow-singletrails we arrange a variety of tours.

Have a look at our weekly schedule or get in touch so we can arrange a special trip for you.

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Many of our winter guests have never tried snowshoeing. People think it might be boring :-)

You will look at snowshoeing in a different way when you've been out on a guidet trip with top notch modern snowshoes.
We didn't believe it ourselves, but we got hooked! Big fun and a truly unique mode to experience snow, landscape, forests and mountains.

Snowshoe trips can be gentle or a real workout.

Very suitable for groups with different fitness-levels. The fittest walks in front and brakes the trail. Further back it is a lot easier to walk.

Good fun in the dark with a headlamp.

Whether you want an organised endurance training session or a family trip with stories about the local trolls - we've got something for you!

From one hour tours to daytrips in the highlands.

We arrange weekly trips and other trips on demand.


Contact information

Geilo Aktiv has its base at Vestlia Resort
Meeting point for the trips in the reception area

(office contact: Geilo Aktiv
Nina Gässler, Hjalmevegen 15, 3580 Geilo)

+47 - 99349341