Fat biking on the cross-country skiing track is allowed, but we encourage you to use the other alternatives mentioned below.
The FATiquette rules always apply :-)

Geilo Hestesenter and Geilo Husky groom tracks that are nice to cycle on. They are easy to find between Vestlia Resort and the lake or between Mailatunet (the grey buildings) and Solli.

The Husky track leads from their base-camp over the lower part of the lake and onto the upper part.
Later in the season the tracks from another dogsled company (Geilo Dogsledding) will meet the Geilo Husky trail on the far end of the lake. This makes it possible to ride back on the north shore of the lake towards Geilo Beach (where Geilo Dogsledding starts their trips).
Important: If you use the tracks of Geilo Husky, Geilo Dogsledding or Hestesenteret you need to give way to them. Please move out the tracks and into the loose snow when you see a dogsledor horse sledge approaching.

We groom our own fat bike-trails right outside Vestlia Resort.
They are rather narrow single-track trails that demand some balance and bike-handling skills. In other words, good fun!
After heavy snowfall or due to strong winds the trails might not be suitable for fat biking. We do what we can to keep the trails open with snowshoes. You are welcome to help us (We arrange snowshoe trips!)