will be updated for 2021

Friday 24th of January: 

Registration and gear check from 15.00 (3pm)
(bring all mandatory gear except bike, pogies, bike-lights, helmet - which will be checked Saturday 6.00-6.30)
Location: Vestlia Resort conference hall

Mandatory pre-race meeting for ALL riders at 17.00 (5pm)
Location: Vestlia Resort conference hall

Saturday 25th of January:

6.00- 6.30: sign in and bike check (garage Vestlia)
7.00 Start for all distances (outside the hotel)

FV50 finishes INSIDE the school building at CP1 in Dagali (no bikes inside the checkpoint!)
FV100 and FV150 finish at Vestlia Resort, INSIDE, next to the reception desk (no bikes inside the hotel :-))

SATURDAY 25.1. at 15.30 (3.30pm) CEREMONY FOR FV50 riders at the checkpoint/ FV50 finish in Dagali.
16.00 (4pm) transport back to Geilo for FV50 finishers (for late finishers there is a chance at 19.30)

SUNDAY 26.1. at 14.00 (2pm) CEREMONY for FV100 and FV150 at Vestlia Resort (restaurant)

Cut-off times
FV150: 32h (finish before 15.00 (3pm) on Sunday 26th)
FV100: 21h (finish before 4.00 (4am) Sunday 26th)
FV 50: 12h (finish before 19.00 (7pm) on Saturday 25th)
(if we are blessed with as much snowfall during the race as last time the race organisation may extend the cut-off times).