Some really important stuff: GDPR

You probably have heard and read a lot about GDPR, and yes, Fat Viking also needs your permission1 to take care of your personal information. Please answer the questions below and send them back to us (just delete the answer that doesn't apply to you, as in the "YES" or "NO" . Your answers don’t affect your participation in the race.
I want to receive the Fat Viking newsletter (approx. 5-8 x per year). YES NO
You can keep my email address, name, date of birth, gender, land of origin, number of race-participations (finishing time) for database use. YES NO
You can use the information in this database further without an extra permission from me*YES NO
You can use pictures with me visible for marketing, website, Facebook and soYES NO
GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulations and is a law in Norway since 25th of May 2018. It is an important law to protect your digital personal information2 within all kinds of companies. The registration platform which Fat Viking uses, EQ Timing, is totally updated regarding this new law. The sport club Geilo IL under which Fat Viking is organized is working hard to get the GDPR in place.
Why are we interested in your personal information and what do we want to safe? Fat Viking is interested in your personal information for statistical reasons. We (the Fat Viking administration3) would like to keep track of the development of the race and to make it more popular. We would like to create a database with your e-mail addresses to send you newsletters and other important race information (5 to 8 newsletters a year). The newsletters are meant to inform you about the Fat Viking Race, the Fat Viking Society, give you information about training, important updates for the race (like route, prices, weather and course conditions, news on the website), maybe a story/ article about a special racer/person, books and magazines, other fatbike races and so on.
Besides that, we want to create a database about all the participants through the years, with the following personal information: name, e-mail, date of birth (age), gender, nationality, amount of race-participations and the race distance (maybe also the finishing time). We think this database can help us to do a better job at marketing Fat Viking. We wish to adjust/ develop the race in a good way. It should be cool to see all this information grow over the years. It is something we are proud of and we hope you are too!
*You can use the information in the database further without an extra permission from me. 
The information above is for Fat Viking use only. At the moment we do not see any needs to share this database with any other company or organisation. However, in future times, we may want to share the database information with organisations like our sports club Geilo IL, EQ Timing, cycling magazines (marketing), Norwegian Cycle Federation or the Norwegian Sports Federation. We can then of course anonymise4 the facts. If you answer Yes to this question we will not ask you for an extra permission when we use our database outside of Fat Viking. We will never sell your personal information2. If you answer No to this question, we will anonymise4your personal information and when this is not possible, we will contact you personally to ask for permission1.
What we do with your answers. We put your answers in a database and if asked we anonymise4 your personal information2. You can ask us about your information at any time and ask us to change your answers. In this case we will, of course, adjust your personal information.
1. Permission:
"permission" means a written or electronic statement issued voluntarily, informed and express by the data subject for processing certain personal information. For children under the age of 16, such consent must be given by the guardian.
2. Personal information:
"Person" means physical living persons, regardless of whether they are associated with Norwegian sport or not, and regardless of the role of the person concerned has in Norwegian sport, as a member, a representative of the election, exerciser, employee, etc.
"Personal Information" means information and assessments that may be associated with one individual.
3. Administration
"Administrator permission" means top access level to system, server, database, and safety barriers. The access level usually has the right to perform all operations.
4. Anonymise
By "anonymous" is meant personal information including name, social security number and others Personally identifiable features have been removed.