21./22. January


Paul Arthur Lockhart, Geilo's professional photografer and film-maker kindly shares his RACE DAY captures with you. Please accredit the pictures to Paul and DON'T use them commercially!
Paul Arthur Lockhart's FAT VIKING PICTURES

We are complete - everybody who started the 175km course has finished!
Overall results:
Adam Eritzøe (11h25min)
Nina Gässler (11h30min)
Antti Sintonen (13h04min)
Rune Larsen (13h35min)
Mikkel Soya Bølstad (14h24min)
Daniele Andriano (14h45min)
Jarmo Järvinen + Stefan Chmel (15h44min)
Toni Lund (16h17min)
Mirko Häcker (16h29min)
Alejandro Garcia Wolfrum (16h37min)
Zbigniew Wizner (16h59min)
Katharina Merchant (17h39min)
Jess Dicks (18h49min)
Constantijn Weber, Andrew Mucklestone, Antti Ollila, Ben Shanson (20h32min DREAM TEAM!)
Peter Felten (22h36min)
Tom Kolesnik (25h30min)

1. Adam Eritzøe (11h25min)
2. Antti Sintonen (13h04min)
3. Rune Larsen (13h35min)
4. Mikkel Soya Bølstad (14h24min)
5 Daniele Andriano (14h45min)
6. Jarmo Järvinen + Stefan Chmel (15h44min)
8. Toni Lund (16h17min)
9. Mirko Haeckler (16h29min)
10. Alejandro Garcia Wolfrum (16h37min)
11. Zbigniew Wizner (16h59min)
12. Constantijn Weber, Andrew Mucklestone, Antti Ollila, Ben Shanson (20h32min DREAM TEAM!)
16. Peter Felten (22h36min)
17. Tom Kolesnik (25h30min)

1. Nina Gässler (11h30min)
2. Katharina Merchant (17h39min)
3. Jess Dicks (18h49min)

Results for 30km distance:
6 out of 6 finished! 
1. Toril Horne
2. May-Liss Johansen
3. Lise Nicolaisen + Ingrid Tollerud
1. Frank Dorn
2. Erik Tollerud (med hjelm!)

Results for 60km:
1. Hedwig Deleeuwdenbouter
1. Terje Skifte
2. Tobias Bos
3. Even Hægland
Benjamin Gallagher finished but cycled a little shorter
Charlie Eustace found his own route - first timer using a GPS :-)


Checkpoint cut-off times for the LONG distanse ("150km" = 167km):
1. checkpoint Havsdalen: Saturday 2pm
2. checkpoint Dagali: Sunday 2am
3. checkpoint Dagali second time: Sunday 10am
Checkpoint cut-off times for 30km and 60km:
If you are not in Ustaoset by 1pm on Saturday we recommend that you take the train from Ustaoset back to Geilo (leaves 15.03 from Ustaoset). Finishline in Havsdalen closes at 16.00.

Dagali Hotel offers a proper meal for the racers from 12am to 9pm for 159.-
Havsdalskroa serves food between 10am and 4pm.

Race meeting on Friday is mandatory. We will give out important information, talk you through the three race courses and checkpoint rutines (for 30km + 60km at Ustaoset and 150km at Havsdalen and Dagali) and do a gear check. 
Iditarod Trail Invitational will hold a small presentation about the Alaskan event.
Bring the mandatory gear for the gear check (you don't have to bring your bike, pogies, tube and pump (note that we will not allow anybody without pogies on the 150km course)).
Registration from 15.00 and race meeting at 16.00 in conference room number 4 at Vestlia Resort.

Those of you who hold an international or Norwegian cycling license (and didn't pay for "Engangslisens") need to present their license.
You can purchase a lisens for the event ("Engangslisens") at registration. Please bring 200.- in cash.

We aim for a prize ceremony for the 30 and 60km distance around 12 o'clock at Havsdalskroa (the finish venue)
For the 150km it is Sunday at 11 o'clock.
Vestlia Resort offers BREAKFAST on SUNDAY 22.1. for 75.- per person (let them know that you are a part of the Fat Viking event when you pay).

Please download the complete track and all the sections for your respective distance :-)
The section files should be used so it is easier to navigate
Maps and profiles HERE

There is no definite need for studded tires at the moment (we got more snow), but we can't predict what the surfaces will be like on race day. Please bring them if you have a pair!
The temperatures are unusually mild for January.
The 150km event crosses three lakes (mostly snowcovered at the moment) and includes a variety of trail (cc-skiing track, mushing trail, snow machine track, snowcovered gravel road and bike path, off piste, ...).
30km is almost entirely on groomed CC-skiing tracks
60km includes some km on snowcovered bikepath/ gravel road

race rules 
mandatory gear list 

Mandatory pre race meeting: Friday 20th, 16.00 at Vestlia Resort

Start 150km and 60km: Saturday 21st, 7.00 at Vestlia Resort 
Race Check-in for 150km and 60km racers between 6.30 to 6.50.

Start 30km: Saturday 21st, 9.00 at Havsdalskroa 
Race Check-in for 30km  racers between 8.30 to 8.50.

Online registration:
Please note that your registration is first valid when payment is received.
Fat Viking is listed as a "cycling event" under the Norwegian Cycling Association (NCF), so every participant needs a riders license. If you do not hold an international or Norwegian cycling license you will have to buy an race license for the event (it is only 200 NOK). Please select "Engangslisens" in the drop menu (if this doesn't work please write to post@geiloil.no)

Bringing the Alaskan tradition of long distance winter racing to Norway!
We want to create an extreme winter endurance event in Geilo:
A long distance fatbike race where being self-sufficient, making the right choices and keeping warm is as important as covering the distance.

Fatbike ultra endurance events are very popular in Canada and the USA with the most famous and hardest event still held in Anchorage: the IDITAROD TRAIL INVITATIONAL
You can't just enter the Iditarod, you need to qualify through other events, and you need to apply!
ROVANIEMI150/300 has so far been the only qualifying race in Europe.

Fat Viking will be an official qualifying race for the Iditarod Trail Invitational 130 miles event.
Those who manage to cover the full distance in less than 36h are qualified for the Iditarod Trail Invitational 130 miles in Alaska.
Important notice: you will still need to apply for the Iditarod, and you are only qualified for the 130 mile event. For the 350 mile distance you will have to prove that you have done more similar races or participated in a winter training camp.

For the first time in history Kathi and Bill Merchant, organizers of the Iditarod Trail Invitational will hold an ITI winter training camp in Europe - in GEILO (in connection with the FAT VIKING). The ITI training camp is from the 16th – 20th of January. 
Please get in touch with Kathi/ ITI if you have any questions about the camp or want to sign up.

Check out the other Qualifiers so you can get a picture about what this is all about!
Fatbiking and winter racing has been going on for a long time in the US. Iditarod race history

Fat Viking race course
Have a look at our facebook album with some pictures of the "race course"
(note: the pictures are taken in March, in January the sun doesn’t climb that high)

Fat Viking will be approximately 150km long and include a lot of climbing!
We offer the option of two shorter distances, around 30km and around 60km (not a qualifier of course, but a good start into the madness of winter racing!)

The exact route will be decided in the weeks leading up to the event. 
Note: When talking about groomed cross country trails: groomed is relative. Conditions can vary from day to day and parts of the track might not have been groomed for some days. 
Just like in the Iditarod race, participants may be forced to push their bikes through soft snow for many miles. This is a winter expedition event that will require some experience and winter survival skills!

The course will not be marked. Racers are responsible for their own navigation!
A map and GPS files will be provided before the race. Carrying both the map and GPS units is compulsory.
Participants are themselves responsible to find and follow the right course. 
Shortcutting or following alternative routes leads to disqualification.
If the course is left by a racer it has to be entered again at the same spot.

We are aiming for 3 official checkpoints where there is a compulsory 5minute stop. 
These three checkpoints will offer some simple food (soup and/or oatmeal) and hot drinks for the racers. 
Other food may be purchased. There may also be the chance to purchase food/ drink on route during the opening times of some of the serviced huts/ shops. Note: most huts have very limited opening times and will most likely be shut when riders pass (Ruperanden, Prestholt). 
The shorter events will most likely have their finish at the first checkpoint.
More information will be given at the pre-race meeting.

MANDATORY GEAR – being self-sufficient
Although there are check points with some replenishment and aid stations you will need to be self-sufficient and carry all your own gear, enough food and water.


Our mandatory gear list is not as extensive as the ones in other winter events, so adding gear is recommended. Look at the links to other gear lists for items that should be considered. 
Mandatory means Items that you HAVE to carry at all times, from start to finish (this will for example include down jacket, insulated pants, goggles, GPS, lights, batteries, other extra clothing, food, water).
Mandatory gear list


Requirement of tire-width:
the minimum tire width allowed for the Fat Viking is 3.8 inches (manufacturers measurements).

Mandatory race meeting and gear check
Friday afternoon/ evening we hold a mandatory race meeting where we also perform an equipment check of the mandatory gear (be prepared as there won’t be much time to acquire missing gear items between the meeting and start!).


Assumption of risk, waiver, liability
The Fat Viking event is meant to be an expedition as much as a race. Participants will hopefully gain experience and learn about backcountry winter travel so that they maybe can take onto the Iditarod Trail Invitational race one day.


Temperatures and weather around Geilo can vary greatly. Minus 20-30 degrees, storm, snowfall, rain ... all can happen. Be prepared. January is statistically the coldest time in Geilo.

By entering the race you automatically accept the race rules and acknowledge the risks and demands of this winter ultra-event. Participants will have to sign an additional waiver/ liability form before the start. 


Accommodation in Geilo
Geilo is a popular holiday destination with plenty of options for almost every budget. Vestlia Resort will be start and finish and the venue for the riders meeting. Geilo Holidays forest cabins are right next to Vestlia. You can book other accommodation via Geilo Holiday, too. Bardøla Hotel and Øen Turistsenter are also highly recommended.


Train to Geilo
There are only a few connections daily between Oslo airport and Geilo. Check train times before you book your flights (and check for your return trip, too)! 
Norwegian Railway: www.nsb.no
You can save a lot of money if you book in advance (the early online bookers "minipris" can be less than half the price of the ordinary ticket). 

Gear for the race
Geilo has three sports shops, but during winter none of them sells a lot of cycling gear, let alone specific stuff for bikepacking. You won't be able to get hold of any framebag, handlebar rack, feed bags, pogies, winter cycling shoes etc. Please bring what you intend to use. Spare tubes and some tires for fatbikes should be available at Intersport.
Outdoor clothing, thermal underwear, woollen socks and other winter gear can of course be purchased. Please check opening times and get in touch with the shops if needed.

Rental bikes
Geilo Aktiv has a small fleet of fatbikes for rent. Diamant Mammut F4 with 2x9 drivetrain and Vee Snowshoe tires (fits riders between 155-180cm). Nakamura Big Bob 5.0 with a Renegade suspension fork, 1x11 and Schwalbe Jumbo Jim 4.8 tires (we've got one small, two medium, one large frame). Please get in touch if you want to rent a fatbike (ninagessler@hotmail.com).


("150km" was a lie!)
Start 7am at Vestlia Resort.
Over the ice on Veslefjorden, through "city centre", Slaata Jordet, Havsdalen, Prestholt, Hesteberget, Bismi (=left at the first cross after Hesteberget, clockwise into the loop at Ustaoset) (you can buy food here!), around Ustaoset Hotel, Lorthøl, Ruken, Hesteberget, Prestholt, Havsdalen (first checkpoint, mandatory 5min stop, food, drink), left hand downhill on CC-track (NOT the alpine track!) to Bardøla, Geilo biathlon stadium, Bruslettløypa Vest, Start of Ruperandsrunden (anti clockwise), Eivindsplass, passed Fagerli leirskole, over the road, Skurdalsvannet (across the lake), off the lake to join Londonerløypa at Myset, uphill and across R40, around the "bom", along Rambergvatnet and Pålsbufjorden around Viken to Dagali (checkpoint, mandatory 5min stop, food, drink), along Numedalslågen, Ossjøen sæterstue, onto the lake (Ossjøen), passed Åan, back onto Ossjøvegen and Ossjøen sæterstue. Retour to Geilo almost the same way: checkpoint at Dagali (mandatory 5min stop, food, drink), Viken, Londonerløype, onto the lake, up Fagerli, "offpiste" to Knut's Hyttegrend, Kikut, Bruslettløypa, Hestesenteret, Vestlia.
There is a small shop at both Ustaoset and Dagali.

Map and profile 150km



60 km course
Start 7am at Vestlia Resort. 
Over the ice on Veslefjorden, left onto Ustedalsfjorden rundt, over the ice on Veslefjorden again, Geilohallen, Øyo, gamle Havsdalsveien, Budalsrunden clockwise, Havsdalen, Prestholt, Hesteberget, Bismi (=left at the first cross after Hesteberget, clockwise into the loop at Ustaoset) (Unofficial checkpoint at the Joker shop in Ustaoset: You need to sign on a sheet of paper. You can buy food and drink here), around Ustaoset Hotel, Lorthøl, Ruken, Hesteberget, Prestholt, Havsdalen FINISH

Map and profile 60km



30km course:
Start 9am in Havsdalen. Prestholt, Hesteberget, Bismi (=left at the first cross after Hesteberget, clockwise into the loop at Ustaoset) (Unofficial checkpoint at the Joker shop in Ustaoset: You need to sign on a sheet of paper. You can buy food and drink here), around Ustaoset Hotel, Lorthøl, Ruken, Hesteberget, Prestholt, Havsdalen FINISH

Map and profile 30km


Profiles and maps courtesy of Tobias Bos. Thank you for your help!!!