Geilo 12th-14th of July 2019
Bikepacking Workshop

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A weekend course from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.
Maximum of 12 participants.

Camping at the base camp in Geilo the first night, the second night we sleep out in the wild. 

There is a lot of information to be shared and many topics to cover, so we spend most of the time off our bikes, explaining, demonstrating, practicing.
The overnight trip is not a long ride, just far enough to get us into the wilderness. The ride should fit all riding abilities and fitness levels.

Topics we cover:
The bike and the bags: benefits and disadvantages of different bike types. Challenges with various frame designs and sizes (full suspension, hardtail). Bikepacking bags and packing solutions.
The gear: Clothing, shelter (tent, tarp, bivouac, sleeping bag, mattress), cooking, nutrition, repair kit, other essentials. What to take and how to pack it on your bike.
Camping: where to sleep, how to set up camp, different types of shelter (tents, tarps, bivouacs, when and how to use them)
Fuel: nutrition and hydration for long rides, camp kitchen (pots, stoves), transporting food.
Basic bike maintenance, what to carry in terms of spares and tools.
Basic first aid kit for solo trips.

Preliminary program (changes may occur):

FRIDAY 12.7.2019 (Geilo Summer Park/ VESTLIA)
Meet and greet from 5-6pm. Those who want can pitch their tents already (if you don't want to camp the first night you are welcome to book yourself into Vestlia hotel, Geilolia hyttetun or elsewhere in Geilo).
Together we'll get a fire going and grill some food (you bring your own).
Around 7.30pm: start with the first topic "bikes and bags".
We aim to set up all bikes with bikepacking bags.
It doesn't get dark until late, but at some point we will go to sleep!

SATURDAY 13.7.2019 (Geilo Summer Park/ VESTLIA/ wilderness camp)
Breakfast 7-8am (you bring your own. At this point we still have access to a kettle to boil water (you can also buy breakfast at Vestlia) :-)).
At around 8.30am we start with the next theory topics.
"gear" what to take and what not to take (clothing, sleeping bag, mattress, tent/ tarp/ bivouac, repair kit, other items). Where to place items on your bike. How to pack. 
We'll try to pack our bikes and do a little test ride into Geilo to buy some food for lunch. 
12am -1pm buy and eat some lunch (still access to a kettle! You can even buy lunch at Vestlia).
1.30pm more theory and going through more gear (cooking/ food. Different stoves and various pots and tools).
After we have decided how our outdoor kitchen is going to look like we will saddle up and ride into Geilo again to buy our camping food (dinner, breakfast, snacks for the ride). After we packed the food too we ride out with everything we need to wild-camp overnight. 
We aim to get onto the highlands, so the ride will probably take 1,5h, max 2h.
Hopefully at around 7pm we have found a suitable campsite and can set up camp. We'll go through choice of pitching sites and look at everybody's set-up once the tents are up. 
Then it's time to prepare and eat dinner. We'll demonstrate alternative cooking methods and different ways to set up a tarp.
There will be a lot of practical tips before we go to sleep.

SUNDAY 14.7. (wilderness camp/ Geilo summer park/ VESTLIA)
Breakfast in the wilderness camp. Take down tents and tarps, pack and ride back into Geilo.
Shower at Vestlia Resort (by the base camp) for those who want.
Lunch, answering of open questions evaluation and summarizing at Vestlia. 

What's included: 
Weekend course stuffed with theoretical and practical information and tuition.
Access to running water, toilets, shelter at the base camp in Geilo.
Shower at Vestlia Resort on Sunday.
Discounted price on bike rental and rent of bikepacking equipment.

What to bring: 
Your bike (gravel grinder, mtb, fatbike, ...). You can rent a bike in Geilo if neccessary.
Tent, sleeping bag, mattress. (tarp/ bivouac if you prefer)
Bikepacking bags, drybags (if you don't have any bikepacking equipment you can rent some from us, let us know in advance).
Camping stove and pots (we will share what we've got if you don't have your own), spoon (spork), knife.
Clothing (helmet is compulsory, cycling gear, rain gear, insulated jacket, woolen socks, first layer (wool is best), buff, sunglasses, clothes that you feel comfortable in when camping).
Water containers (bottle, maybe platypus/ camelbak).
Repair kit (extra tube, pump, mini-tool).
Personal care, outdoor towel, toilet paper (during the first day of the course we have access to running water and toilets and we can use the showers at Vestlia Resort on Sunday)
Mosquito repellent and ear plugs.
Grill food for the first evening (we will grill our own food at the camp) and food for breakfast on Saturday morning. 

We will go shopping together on Saturday to buy what we need for the rest of the course.
Remember that you will carry all your gear on your bike for the overnight trip. The smaller and lighter your equipment is the easier this will be :-)

2500NOK per person

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