Matthieu Leroux

Matthieu is from France, 32 years old and a passionate cyclist who cares a lot about the little details.
He is a master in tuning his kit and finding new gadgets.
After he moved to Geilo he became an avid fatbike rider, too.

My fist adventure was more than 10 years ago. At the school of architecture we had to build a bike. A few months later I was cruising the roads of France on a recumbent bike. After a 3,5 year long bike ride on a traditional bike I’m finally back in Norway to share with you guys in all humility what I’ve learned. My English probably isn’t perfect but I have a great passion for cycling, ultra light outdoor equipment and survival techniques. After the winter ultra marathon Fat Viking in January I wish to prepare ultra endurance races such as the French divide, the SRMR or the HT550 in Gravel.

Nina Gässler

From Ulm, Germany. Has lived in Geilo since 2005.
Founder and owner of Geilo Aktiv. Studied sports science, works as ski instructor, snowshoe-, fatbike- and mountainbike-guide, fitness trainer and zipline operator.
Founder of the Fat Viking race which is arranged in January every year.

I don't know whether I have found bikepacking or bikepacking has found me. It just happened at the right time. 
Two favourite hobbies in perfect union: CYCLING and CAMPING. The freedom to roam!
I love to live on my bike, so I have arranged life and work so I can do long trips of 4-8 weeks up to twice a year, preferably offroad.

Portugal to Norway, Spain to Germany, Spain to Norway (several times), Norway to Italy, crossing almost all the Western European countries on the way. I've done round trips to the extreme points of Spain and France. I've bikepacked pretty much ALL the major pilgrims routes in Spain, thousands and thousands of kilometers of Camino de Santiago. Norway's coast up and down, Northcape twice. I've also ridden from Anchorage to Mexico City (a supported trip). 
Fatbike riding and racing means that winter bikepacking has become a big part of my life too. I raced the Iditarod Trail Invitational in Alaska twice and been to Canada for winter bikepacking.