Race Rules

(see also "mandatory gear")
Just like other self-supported winter ultra events, Fat Viking is about racing ethics, sportsmanship, respect, honour, common sense, etiquette and safety.
Be nice and have fun!
Fat Viking is created, organized and run by unpaid volunteers. They sacrifice their spare time and put a lot of energy into this event. They are doing their best.  Be nice to them!

Registration, gear check, pre race meeting:
All participants must be registered in the correct class and for the correct distance.
The starting fee and license must be paid prior to the pre-race meeting.
Attending of the pre-race meeting is mandatory. It includes gear check (see the separate Mandatory Gear List) and signing of the disclaimer (egenerklæring). 
Race Day Check-in
Race Day Check-in is mandatory for all racers. Make sure you are checked off by one of our volunteers at the start (time and location will be specified)
Race Number and tracking device:
The Race number is mandatory for all racers. It must be attached at the front of the bike.
Racers will receive a tracking device. This has to be carried at all times and it must be returned to the race organisation after the race!
Racers must follow the exact route given to them.  Racers are not allowed to take short cuts.  A racer may leave the route (for example to buy food or to fix the bike), but racers must enter the route again at the same location.
Checkpoints and Cut-off times:
Racers MUST check in at ALL checkpoints along their course. Make sure the volunteer writes down your race number. There is a mandatory 5 minute stop at all checkpoints. No gear or clothes can be left at a Checkpoint.
Cut-off times for the checkpoints will be announced at the pre race meeting.
Fat Viking is a self-supported event. No outside support is allowed. No service crew, friends, family with food, clothing, spares etc. anywhere! No arranged/ hidden depots. 
Racers may assist each other. Otherwise, only race officials (on the trail and at the Checkpoints) are allowed to help. Racers may use commercial services that they come across (serviced hut, shop, restaurant) as well as the Checkpoints. 
Spectators are strongly encouraged, but they mustn't help/ assist any racer. 
Our checkpoints are serviced, and we supply some basic food.
Other trail users – Respect the trail! 
Some of the race course consists of cross country skiing tracks. Do NOT ride on the classic ski tracks.
Be aware that cross country skiers may not know about the race. They may not see you and might be going fast. Be cautious on the descents, be friendly, say hello and give them room.
Grooming machines and snow machines may be on the course.  If a grooming machine approaches you must get off the trail entirely (grooming machines are wider than you may think).
Some of the race course runs on mushing trails. Dogsleds always have the right of way. You need to make room for them.
Litter and Excess Gear or Clothes:
Don't even think about leaving litter on the trail.  Racers will be disqualified for littering. 
Leave no trace. You must finish with all gear and clothes that you started with.  
Nothing can be left at a Checkpoint or on the course.  
What you start with is what you finish with.
Camping / Bivy / Sleeping outside:
We want all the racers to rest at the checkpoints. 
If you choose to camp or bivy between Checkpoints you must inform the race director (mobile telephone). You must get off the trail. You must face your red blinky safety light towards the trail to let others know you are out there and safe.
Etiquette for human needs (Toilet): 
There are toilets at the Checkpoints. If nature calls while on route, get off the trail and keep it clean!  Dig a hole, and bury all waste. No yellow snow marks.
MUST be worn at all times when you are on your bike.

If you need to be hauled off the course for any reason, you may have to cover (some of) the cost for that.
No (hidden) motors, no doping!