Below you can find the link to the gpx files for all distances/ sections.
There is one complete track for every distance (this should not be used for navigation) and two/ three sections each for the 30km, 60km and 150km. The files with the course sections should be used for navigation at the race (it is easier to follow the right track/ direction). 

The 150km course is approximately 151km GPX complete track
150 -1 Geilo Dagali via Viken (56,9km) GPX
150 -2 Dagali Ustaoset via Høgåsen (46,6km) GPX
150- 3 Ustaoset Geilo (47,8km) GPX
60km course is almost 70km this year (and it is bloody hard!) GPX complete track
60 - 1 Geilo Dagali 34km GPX
60 - 2 Dagali Geilo 35km GPX

30km course is 32km GPX complete track
30 - 1 Vestliatoppen - midten av Torsrunden 18km GPX
30 - 2 Torsrunden - Vestlia Resort 14km GPX


60km (70km!)