NOVEMBER NEWSLETTER (posted 29.11.2018)

Hello to all Vikings 
(including all wanna-be, would-be, soon-to-be Vikings)

Still not a lot of snow, but proper winter temperatures. The lakes are frozen and ready to ride on!
The entry fee goes up again in a few days, so SIGN UP if you haven't done already!

For those of you who didn't receive the first newsletter: NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE
If you want to receive our future newsletters please give us a hint: look at our  GDPR and post your answers to me, Nina.

We urge you to join the FAT VIKING facebook group
You'll find some brainstorming/ discussion about gear, clothing, shoes, bikepacking bags, rental bikes etc.. We will discuss other topics there, too.
Please feel free to add your opinions, questions etc in this group. 

SkiGeilo shuttle bus: Geilo as a skiing destination has started a shuttle bus service from Oslo Gardermoen to Geilo on Thursdays (check if that fits your schedule!). 
The bus company needs to know about bike boxes (preferably with approximate dimensions) in advance. 
The bus needs to be booked in advance: SHUTTLE BUS to Geilo
The bus schedule only makes sense in that direction, and it only runs on Thursdays. For other days/ times or your return you will most likely have to take the train (book early for better price, don't forget to book for your bike, too, even if it is in a box):
NSB (Norwegian railway)

Rental bikes: They are all taken. Everybody that I have promised a bike will get a bike (pick-up Friday, return Sunday: 1200 NOK, please let me know if you want pick-up earlier, return later. Price accordingly).
Any rider who doesn't have a fatbike yet? Please don't rely on getting a rental bike!
I might be able to find another small/ medium frame, but it's gonna be a challenge. Get in touch (better still: buy yourself a fatbike!)
Bikepacking bags for rent: rental bikes come WITHOUT bags. I've got a small amount of bikepacking bags that I will rent out, but it's not gonna be enough for everybody. I will come back to you about that.

Global FATBIKE DAY on Saturday! If you don't know what that is: google and join the fun wherever you live!

TRAINING? OMG, I better get going! Do what you can do and do some more of it! Every little bit helps.
Base endurance, strength training, core stability, intervals, ... If you don't feel bad now: you are doing enough :-)

We can't say this often enough: we are a bunch of enthusiasts who organize this race in our spare time. We are not professionals and we are not getting payed for this. Please treat us kindly and don't expect miracles.

Yours sincerely,

NEWSLETTER OCTOBER (posted 13.10.2018)

Hello dear Fat Viking racers!

Some important information from us, the Fat Viking Society. 
Let's call this a NEWSLETTER! 
PLEASE read it to the end, it is up to YOU, whether you want to receive our updates in the future or not.

Time is ticking, winter is knocking on the door.
High time to register for the race: entry fees go up after the 31st of October! If you haven't signed up yet: do it HERE

We hope that everybody is fine, and that your training and preparations are going well (this comment is meant to freak you out). If you are starting to panic now: DON'T PANIC! 
Get out and ride your bike, lift some weights, go for a run! There is still time to prepare.
See picture below for some inspiration for Fat Viking race SPECIFIC TRAINING.
Don't panic about having to buy heaps of expensive equipment for the race either. In our next newsletter (November) we'll post some advice on gear and clothing systems.
In the meantime please feel free to post any query or comment in our Facebook race discussion group (we'd rather answer your questions there than via email).

Have a look at the updated details/ times for pre-race meeting, gear check and race start. Click HERE

Important: please have a look at the GDPR and send us the feedback via email.