Update 24.1.
Note: Online registration closes Wednesday night. Those who register later (on Friday) pay 200NOK extra.

Mandatory meeting and check-in Friday 26th at 5pm at Vestlia Resort
Mandatory gear check from 3pm - 5pm (you need to present ALL the mandatory gear except your bike and pogies. If your light are mounted to the bike you don't have to bring them. We will check them before race start)

UPDATE 17.01.18

GPX files and profiles for all distances and sections are now available 

UPDATE 15.01.18
Gpx tracks will be ready end of this week.

Current status (changes may occur): 
30km starts at the top of Vestlia (chairlift to the start at 9am). Hakkesetstølen, Kikut langrenssbrua, Ruperanden (anti-clockwise), Torsrunden (anti-clockwise), Bruslettløypa Vest, Solli, along the fjord to Vestlia Resort = Finish! 32km in total
60km starts at Vestlia Resort 7am. Solli, Bruslettløypa Øst, Ruperanden, Lia, Londonerløypa1 (up), Grotdalsløypa, Dagali (CHECKPOINT), Grotdalsløypa retur, Londonerløypa1 (down), Londonerløypa2, Fagerli, up to Ruperandsrunden (clockwise), Bruslettløypa Vest, Solli, along the fjord back to Vestlia Resort = Finish! Approximately 66km in total
150km starts at Vestlia Resort 7am. Solli, Bruslettløypa Øst, Torsrunden (anti-clockwise), Ruperanden (clock-wise), Lia, Viken, Dagali (CHECKPOINT), Grotdalsløypa, Londonerløypa1 (down), Londonerløypa2, Nedrestøl, Skurdalsstølen, Grønnebakken, Tuva, Verpestølen, Ustevannet, Ustaoset (CHECKPOINT), Embretstølen, Raggemyrane, Hesteberget, Prestholt, Vestreim, Budalen, Bardøla, Ustedalsfjorden, Vestlia = Finish! Approximately 152km in total
Have a look at skisporet.no

Fat Viking distances 2018: 150, 60, 30*
(*all distances are approximate. Fat VIking 150 will be a qualifier for ITI)

race rules

mandatory gear list 

Mandatory pre race meeting and gear check: Friday 27th, 17.00 at Vestlia Resort

Start 150km and 60km: Saturday 27th, 7.00 at Vestlia Resort 
Race Check-in for 150km and 60km racers between 6.30 to 6.50.

Start 30km: Saturday 27th, 9.00 at the chairlift outside Vestlia Resort. Bikes and riders take the chairlift up and start shortly after 9 am from Vestlia toppen.
Race Check-in for 30km  racers between 8.30 to 8.50.

Online registration:
Please click here for REGISTRATION.
There are only 40 spots per distance (40 riders in the 30km event, 40 riders in the 60km event, 40 riders in the 150km event).
Please note that your registration is first valid when payment is received.
Fat Viking is listed as a "cycling event" under the Norwegian Cycling Association (NCF), so every participant needs a riders license. If you do not hold an international or Norwegian cycling license you will have to buy an race license for the event (it is only 200 NOK). Please select "Engangslisens" in the drop menu (if this doesn't work please write to post@geiloil.no)