26th of January

What are you made of ...
To be a Viking or to become one. 
Human endurance and human resilience*
150km of winter racing. A journey within yourself.

*(definition of resilience: "the power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc., after being bent, compressed, or stretched)

THANKS to everybody for a fantastic event in 2018. 
FAT VIKING 2018 - a little summary 

Last year's race lacked snow - this year we were drowning in it! :-)
A race of contrasts:
Minus 20 degrees and sun in the morning, heavy snowfall and finally some wind later in the day/night.
The weather turned the already very demanding course into a real challenge.
Tracks were blown in and visibility was poor. Bikes had to be pushed or ridden in knee-deep waves of fresh snow.
Two riders had to scratch at the first Checkpoint in Dagali, the rest made it to Checkpoint 2 in Ustaoset. One rider made it to the finish line.
Fat Viking 2018 was a hard one. Congratulations to all the participants who all went through their own struggles and adventure during this event.
The biggest THANK YOU to the whole team of volunteers and our cooperation partners who contributed with lodging, food, transport, prizes and marketing material. 
Fat Viking is a non-commercial Geilo IL event organized by the "FATVIKINGSOCIETY".
After heaps of positive feedback from this year's participants we are seriously contemplating to do it all over again next year :-)
In fact, we have already set the date:
FAT VIKING 2019: 26./27.1.2019
Tom Kolesnik: "if it would be easy then everybody could do it"
Jack London: "Any (wo)man who was a (wo)man could travel alone".

Race founder, course creator, only finisher Nina:
"Because I was ahead of everybody the weather hit me somewhat later in the course. I became the only rider to make it all the way to the finish line. As race founder and race-course-creator I had an enormous advantage! I knew what was to come. Even with zero visibility and completely snow-covered tracks I knew exactly were I was. Despite the heavy snowfall and the darkness Hallingskarvet was clearly visible, right next to me, like a sleeping giant. Thanks to everybody who made this possible. Thank you for joining!