FAT VIKING 2020 - 25th of January 2020

Registration opens 1st of April
Please read the ABOUT description, the RACE RULES and the MANDATORY GEAR before you enter

New for 2020:

Race distances 50km - 100km - 150km. 
All distances start together.
The 50km distanse finishes at CP1 (we will find a way to transport riders back to Geilo).
If you register for the 150km/ 100km but only make it to CP1 we will still call you a "finisher" (an FV50 finisher). The same applies if you enter the 150km event but only ride the 100km distance. You will of course not count in any ranking or the competition itself.

We will arrange a training camp prior to the race (most likely from Monday to Wednesday 20th-22nd of January. This is meant as a course about safe and efficient winter travel where you learn and practice the essentials. More info about this soon.

Looking forward to seeing you all again!

2019 RACE RESULTS/ Tracking: 

(picture by Mikkel Trelborg)

Please read the ABOUT information, the MANDATORY GEAR list and RACE RULES before entering.

GPS FILES 2019 are available. See menue to the right.

FAT VIKING is a WINTER ULTRA ENDURANCE event under somewhat more "controlled" circumstances than the Iditarod Trail Invitational.

The race course runs on snowmobile tracks, dogsledding trails, snowcovered roads and the cross country trail net around Geilo/ Skurdalen/ Dagali and it crosses the R7/ R40 road.
Checkpoints are inside a heated building where basic food is offered along with the opportunity to rest.
Several "bail out options" along the route are available in case of emergency/ abandoning the race. 

Fat Viking is a non-commercial Geilo Sports Club (Geilo IL) event organized by the "FAT VIKING SOCIETY".
We organize this without getting payed. We do it for the love of the sport. Our effort is all worth it if YOU come back with a smile on your face, with an adventure behind you and a lot of stories to tell.
This is a chance to prove to yourself that YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THOUGHT.


To be a Viking or to become one. 

Human endurance and human resilience*
150km of winter racing. A journey within yourself.

*(definition of resilience: "the power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc., after being bent, compressed, or stretched)