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We arrange all sorts of private snowshoe trips on demand.

Snowshoe easy/ beginner’s tour:

An evening stroll by the fjord, a combination of magic forests and open landscape.
After this trip you should feel refreshed by clear air and the beautiful settings!
We will snowshoe through the nearby forest and out onto the lake, partly on existing snowshoe trails, mostly flat with very little uphill.
Your fitness-level should allow for a 1-1,5h hike.
A hike through winter wonderland and back in time for dinner.
Join us, you will forget that your legs are tired from skiing all day.

NOK 300.- per person including snowshoes, poles, headlight. Children (from 6-15) NOK 200.-

Meet at Vestlia Resort reception

If you are looking for a more physical challenge: try our summit trek on Friday evening!
We also offer other snowshoe and fatbike trips, please feel free to get in touch

Active Snowshoe trip

Fresh air, a little workout, beautiful nature.
Uphill first, you might get a little sweaty. Magical forests and fun to snowshoe in varied terrain. Suitable for those who are used to country walking and can handle some uphill. 1,5-2h
350.- per person including snowshoes, poles, headlamp.
Meet at Vestlia Resort reception

Family Snowshoe trip:

we hike mainly on existing trails and the guide will tell you all there is to know about trolls in the area. 1-1,5t
Trips on demand: 1600.- for a family of two adults and up to three children, including equipment.
Meet at Vestlia Resort reception

3 h summit ridge tour

Preferably in daylight. We hike through landscape that you have probably not seen before even if you have visited Geilo several times. Uphill first and then in undulating terrain towards “Natten” a peak somewhat west of Vestlia Resort. If conditions are right, we climb up. A gully/ couloir takes us down through the forest towards the lake again.
Your fitness-level should allow for 3h hiking in uneven terrain.
Bring a little backpack with something to drink and eat and some extra clothing.
From NOK 550.- per person including snowshoes, poles and headlamp if necessary.

Day trip
From NOK 750 per person inkluding snowshoes, poles, lift ticket for chairlift

An even longer trip? Troll-guiding for adults? Snowshoe treasure hunt? Combined fatbike and snowshoe trip?
Just ask us. We love being outdoors, and we love challenges!


What to wear?
Dress warm, but not too warm. Dress for activity and bring extra layers to add/ remove accordingly. Windproof shell layers are a must! We recommend hooded jackets as well as a wooly hat and neck. Thick mittens and thinner gloves.
From February onwards bring sunglasses. Goggles in addition.

The choice of footwear is very important. Our snowshoe bindings will work on pretty much anything, BUT snowshoes don't protect your feet from getting cold and wet. Your feet are, after all, covered by snow most of the time. Footwear should be warm and comfortable to walk in. Hiking boots and warm (woolen) socks are the best choice. No trainers or skiboots! We recommend the use of gaiters. 

What else to bring?
On the longer trips you need to have a backpack for drinks, food, extra layers and camera.

Where do we meet?
Unless otherwise specified: Vestlia Resort reception area.


All snowshoe activities are at your own risk.

Snowshoeing is an outdoor activity with varying weather and surface conditions. The activity demands good health and a minimum of coordination skills. Participants need to assure that their health is appropriate and that they will inform the guide of eventual exceptions.
Geilo-Aktiv cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to people or property, including personal clothing and belongings.
Please check with your travel insurance whether they cover activities like fatbiking and snowshoeing.

In case of hiring equipment, the hirer is at all times personally liable for any accident that they may cause or damage to people and/or property, including personal clothing and belongings. 

You must accept full responsibility for the equipment and understand there will be a charge for theft, loss or damage to the equipment.