Snowshoe hire

You can rent snowshoes and poles at Vestlia Resort (daily between 9am and 5.00pm, please get in touch if you wish to rent snowshoes in the evening).
Rental price for snowshoes and poles per person: 250kr, children's snowshoes 150kr per day (we've got a variety of snowshoes for kids from 4 to 14 years old)

There are Snowshoe tracks right outside Vestlia Resort.

All snowshoe activities are at your own risk.

Snowshoeing is an outdoor activity with varying weather and surface conditions. The activity demands good health and a minimum of coordination skills. Participants need to assure that their health is appropriate.
Geilo-Aktiv cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to people or property, including personal clothing and belongings.
Please check with your travel insurance whether they cover activities like fatbiking and snowshoeing.

In case of hiring equipment, the hirer is at all times personally liable for any accident that they may cause or damage to people and/or property, including personal clothing and belongings. 

You must accept full responsibility for the equipment and understand there will be a charge for theft, loss or damage to the equipment.